Attention Women: Who are Ready to Stop Self Sabotage, Find Your Happy weight... and stay there!

Discover the Reasons You Can't Shift That Stubborn Weight - even if you've Tried Every Diet Out There!


Love it 2 Lose it Academy Membership is the ONLY Weight Loss Coaching Program that Heals the Real Reasons You Overeat in the First Place.

 Join Your Tribe of Amazing Women who are already

Do You Wake Up Each Morning and...

  • Your first thought is about food (what you can and can't eat?)
  • ​You look at your body and dread getting dressed because you know you don't feel good in any of your clothes?
  • Feel constantly hungry even though you overate last night and know you eat enough?
  • Dread the day ahead knowing the fight to overeat or binge is real...and that chocolate bar keeps calling your name.
  • ​And as hard as you try all day long, those repetitive thoughts and food obsession just won't disappear from your life
You constantly beat yourself up because you feel like you're never going to reach a healthy weight or feel comfortable in your body without constant dieting...

And after a bad day, the constant dieting turns into uncontrollable hunger and binging...and the cycle just continues.

And now here you are...avoiding social events because of nothing fits…

 Staring hopelessly at the closet, dreading vacation.

And a night out to eat with the family taking a break from the diet turns into a weekend binge ruining your goals and hitting your self worth where it hurts.

Sometimes it just feels impossible.
You’ve tried so many times and you’re still not there.

​​But what if you could achieve your ideal body and your ideal relationship with food…

...Your Weight Spiraling out-of-control 
and Losing Hope in the Process?

...Years of Staying Stuck in Dieting Cycle,
Digging Yourself Into a Deeper Hole?

...Spending thousands on Programs that
Keep You Stuck on the Weight-Loss-Weight Gain Roller Coaster

I get it...after countless failed weight loss attempts and diet nightmares 
(where you end up back where you started), it feels impossible.

But stay with me because I’m gonna be straight up with you:

You and I both know this isn't the first time you've tried to "be normal" around food, happy with your weight, and finally live in a body you want...But it CAN be the LAST TIME.

I'm Audra.
I am a recovered emotional eater, yo-yo dieter, and 
"nothing-ever-works-for-me" cynic! 

I tried everything.

  • ​Studied Kinesiology and Holistic Nutrition at University and acquired a slew of credentials, certifications, and degrees along the way in hopes that would solve my "body problem"
  • Founded a successful fitness & nutrition company in Silicon Valley thinking that must be the answer to solving my emotional eating and "body issues". (Spoiler Alert: It wasn't)
  • ​I jumped from diet to diet, from this program to that challenge...
  • Attended years of therapy
  • ​Sat in on countless 12-step meetings, including Overeaters Anonymous (which always sparked a binge)
  • And spent tens of thousands of dollars over the course of my life-long battle with emotional eating and hating my body...

And just like you, nothing worked.

I would always end up gaining the weight back no matter how much I knew about nutrition, fitness, macros, etc.

It wasn’t until I was at my wits end sitting alone on the floor of my tiny San Francisco studio apartment eating another brownie sundae that I finally made the decision:

All the knowledge, degrees, and certifications I had accumulated about nutrition, fitness, and weight loss clearly weren’t the answer. (If they were... they would've worked already!)

Using those as the solution was like putting a band-aid over a gaping wound. While a band-aid solution could never heal the deeper reasons I struggled with overeating and my body....

I decided in that moment I wasn’t going to stop until I figured it out.

That ONE DECISION ultimately changed my life. 

It wasn’t long after I learned a unique set of neuroscience strategies to rewire the deeply ingrained, emotional eating habit pathways that had formed in my nervous system...
Right alongside trauma resolution healing practices that helped me heal to the core of why I was using food to cope in the first place....

And for the first time in my life the urge to overeat, stress eat, mindlessly eat, or binge eat started to go away...

...until food started to lose its power over me.

I was leaving food on my plate because I was full and sometimes even forgetting to eat, entirely by accidentAnd the most amazing weight didn't spiral out-of-controlI lost the excess weight I had put on through years of dieting and emotional eating WITHOUT dieting. I knew then, I needed to share this with every woman who has ever struggled with their relationship with food and their body. 


The ONLY Weight Loss Coaching Program that 
Heals the Reasons You Overeat & Struggle With Your Weight in the First Place.

...No more obsessing about food
"In Love it 2 Lose it I learned to trust myself enough not to head into a spiral again of obsessing about food, weight, while still focusing on being mindful and generous to my body."
Kelly - Dallas, TX

(physical, mental, & emotional):

Look, we both know you can slay it when things are going well, when you’re motivated, and when you're having a good day.

I'm here to teach you how to keep slaying it even on the bad days...when you want to quit... when you think it's not working.

I'm not going to bullshit you.  At first you’ll hit those weight loss walls you are so familiar with.

There will be obstacles.
You will want to quit.
You will overeat.
You will mess up.
You will get triggered.  

Your old self-sabotaging patterns will rear their ugly heads,
and you will worry you can't do it. 

I will teach you how to keep slaying it even when all that shit happens.
You will NOT get to where you want to go without that being a part of the journey.

The only way out is through...

AND I WILL TEACH YOU HOW TO NAVIGATE ALL OF IT...and even enjoy the journey!

You'll not only start to feel more in control of food, but you'll start to notice that you are regaining control of your thoughts, emotions, and life.

And that, my priceless.

We'll help you stop dieting for good and make baby-step changes each day in how you live, how you think, and how you manage and express your emotions in order to lose weight and end emotional eating no matter what life throws at you. This is how we train your nervous system that it's safe to lose weight.


No more wasting time on quick fix diets that only lead to failure and feeling bad about yourself. Using my Food Freedom Formula, We simplify in order to get you into action because complication is at the root of giving up.
It works even when you want to give up. 
We have a step-by-step proven process to rewire your nervous system and heal the underlying reasons you reach for food in the first place. This is how you end overeating & self sabotage and stop getting in your own way! 
We H.A.V.E. to teach your Nervous System that it's safe to lose weight, it's safe to feel your feelings, it's safe to transform your body and behaviors. It doesn't matter how badly you want to lose weight....If you miss this crucial part, you'll stay stuck. The best part is there's no need to go into old stories to heal at the nervous system level!  
Why bother losing weight and feeling amazing in your body if you're not going to stay there?  We'll stabilize your nervous system to sustain your new normal so that you thrive in your body and life...for the rest of your life! 
...My jeans are falling down!
I just wanted everyone to know that they can be super confident Audra's program works!!! My jeans that I managed to squeeze into during the challenge in September last year are now falling down! No gym, no diets.  I still emotionally eat sometimes but super conscious of it and know if I apply the sexy 7 even 70% of the time it works! 
Barbara Anne - Aukland, NZ
Right when you join, you’ll be guided through the Love it 2 Lose it Freedom Formula.

As you go through the self-paced course, you’ll begin to experience
just how easy it is to stop overeating, feel ease and control around food,
and build confidence in yourself everyday.

You’ll start to notice that you can have a bad day and not reach for food (or booze) to cope. This builds the foundation for old self sabotaging behaviors to disappear while you are building new habits that feel easy and doable.

Hundreds of women all over the planet are healing the underlying reasons they overeat, creating better relationships with food and their body, and finding their happy weight.

You can too!

  • Women who are tired of getting in their own way with old self-sabotaging behavior.
  • ​Women who are ready to break out of the weight gain/loss yo-yo cycle so it no longer defines their life.
  • ​Women who are sick of obsessing over food and body, and are emotionally exhausted and embarrassed that food seems to be in control of their life.  
  • ​​Women who are tired of quick fixes and ready to do the deeper work so that they lose weight for the last time.
  • ​Women who don't want to pass this onto their kids and want to end the family cycle of unhealthy habits, dieting, and body shame.
  • ​​Women who understand that this journey has to include healing the underlying reasons why they overeat in the first place
"...I experienced a level of depth I've never felt before in my body"
"With my two small children and my day to day hustle, I don’t live in that depth…I live in a world of distractions and shallowness. Working with Audra has taken me to depths I’ve never experienced. Yes I want to lose the weight, but not because I hate my body, I’m now doing it but because I love my body." 
Cynthia - New York NY
"... I feel love and appreciation for my body I never thought possible"
"I was feeling incredibly lost and misguided, feeling a lot of insecurity, that I thought was just physical, but after our work together I was able to see how the insecurities were deeper than just my physical appearance. Now I honor myself, and advocated for myself! I have so much more appreciation for my body and I like what I see, which is a huge shift from the self loathing that used to happen." 

Mariana - Campbell CA
"...I've stopped white knuckling self care feels easy"
"I was interested in ending numbing out… but I didn’t want to put money out again after so many failed programs and wasted money.  
But my aha moment was... this is so different than anything I’ve ever done. And coaching with you tapped into places that has given me freedom that I didn’t know I could have.  Now from our work together I’m exercising with ease, feeling deep gratitude in my life, and stopped “white knuckling” it around food."
Michelle - Santa Barbara CA
Meet YOUR team!
You're not just getting the Love it 2 Lose it framework... you're getting an entire team of experts to help you every step of the way!

Audra, Barbara Anne, and Jill are your main coaches, mentors and guides.  We also have a functional nutritionist on staff who runs labs and our in-house LMSW licensed counselor!

Here's what you get:

Love it 2 Lose it Freedom Formula Course ($700 Value)

Weekly Live Group Coaching ($1000 Value)

Members Only Community ($500 Value)

Support and Accountability Systems ($500 Value)

Members Only Live Events ($200 Value)

Specialty Classes & Workshops ($300 Value)

Specialty Tracks & Advanced Transformational Courses ($2000 Value)

While the Academy’s value is $5600...

I know you’re here READY FOR FOOD & BODY FREEDOM...

 and I believe you didn’t just stumble upon this by accident….
(I don’t believe in accidents!)

TOAL VALUE: $5200.

Love it 2 Lose it Membership Investment is

$59/month only on Black Friday Sale!

"...Down 2 Pant Sizes and tons of inches"
In 3 months I took off 17 pounds and in a total of 5 months I'm down 22 pounds.  I've dropped 2 pant sizes, a ton of inches, and my body has muscle and tone where I've never seen it before.  Working with Audra has been a huge part of my journey...she makes you feel like you're the only one in the room even though it's a group program.
Marla - Saratoga CA
"...Warm, welcoming, and not intimidating"
I've loved the year I've spent working with Audra.  Her group programs are the best!  Warm, welcoming, non intimidating, and life changing for my weight loss journey. 
Leah - San Jose CA
"...I have a new found confidence"
So far, I have lost 10.5 pounds and 8 inches! For the first time in a long time, I can really see results! I see a thinner face and stomach sides, love handles leaving and a muffin top flattening! I truly feel accountable for my actions. I think before I eat, drink, or grocery shop. I love having the switch click ON in my brain to put my health first. I hold my head up higher and have a new confidence about myself. It's all due to you and your team, Audra! Thank you! 
Jamie - Campbell CA
What's it really 
costing you?
How much are you spending on nutritionists, talk therapy, diet books, online courses, med-spas, food you bought and didn't cook, gym memberships and exercise equipment you don't use, fat burners, plastic surgery, gastric bypass...the list goes on and on...

But even more importantly than that...How much obsessive emotional energy are you spending wanting to lose weight or numbing out leaving nothing in the tank for the people who love you the most?

Do you spend precious time each day obsessing over food and your body? wondering what to eat, what to wear, how to hide your body so you won't be seen?

How much time to do you spend beating the shit out of yourself for overeating, messing up, or feeling like a failure that'll never figure this out?

These are the hidden costs nobody tells you about. 

Daily you're paying the personal and emotional tax when you don't heal
the deeper wounds and learn a new way to BE and THINK about
food, your body, and weight loss.

Let this be the moment you become the example you've always wanted to be
for your kids so that you finally stop the family cycle.


Worried you won’t have time since it’s the holiday season? No need to worry!
The Holiday Survival BONUS gives you the exact and most important pieces of the L2L Academy to focus on during this busy time of the year. 
 Once you know these, you’ll literally not have to spend any extra time in the program, but you’ll wake up on New Years Day proud of yourself that your pants still fit (or maybe they’re even roomier!) 

($297 value)

Here's what you get:

Love it 2 Lose it Freedom Formula Course ($700 Value)

Weekly Live Group Coaching ($1000 Value)

Members Only Community ($500 Value)

Support and Accountability Systems ($500 Value)

Members Only Live Events ($200 Value)

Specialty Classes & Workshops ($300 Value)

Specialty Tracks & Advanced Transformational Courses ($2000 Value)


With the amazing bonuses...all of this should be costing you $8818!

But because I know you’re here AND READY FOR
and I believe you didn’t just stumble upon this by accident….
(I don’t believe in accidents!)


Love it 2 Lose it Membership Investment is

$59/month only on Black Friday Sale!

12 months from now you can either be stuck in the same place (and a year older) OR have put solid habits in place that build a strong foundation for your mental, emotional, and physical health that now run on auto-pilot so that you're living a life you love in a body that feels strong, healthy, vibrant, and deeply alive. You choose. 

You get to choose to finally end the vicious inner self-talk, the diet and emotional eating cycles, alleviate the painful self-sabotaging behaviors, heal the reasons the weight is there in the first place, and finally lose ALL the weight for the last time... or stay in the same place you've been for years or a lifetime. The ball is completely in your court.

Audra Baker

P.S. I hope you know how much I believe in you!
How much does Love it 2 Lose it Academy Membership Costs? 
Love it 2 Lose it Academy Membership costs $59 USD per month. During this special Black Friday Sale. No joining fee, pay only $59 USD per month! 
What's the time commitment?
I'm scared I'll fail.
I've failed so many times...Why will this time will be different for me?
What if I have more weight to lose than what can be done in 12 months?
After 12 months, you can continue in the Academy Membership month-to-month and cancel anytime. Most women stay in the Academy Membership for 18-24 months to continue their weight loss journey, or to stabilize their weight loss, or simply because they found an amazing group of evolved and supportive women and they love being a part of the community.
That said, I want to make it clear that this isn’t like some “point-counting system” that makes you feel like you have to stay in their program to get results. If you engage in this program and do the practices, you will have transformed from the inside out, built healthier habits and an inner landscape that can never be taken away.
I don't have a lot of weight to lose...will this work for me?
In a lot of ways, having only like 20-30 pounds to lose can be a death sentence because you see just how easy you can "diet" it off. So you lose the weight, but you still don't like yourself...and the vicious cycle continues. If you're reading this, you're likely sick of the weight loss followed by weight gain, and are now able to see that if you want to lose it in a way where you don't gain it back, there's a deeper work that needs to be done.

In short, whether you have a lot of weight to lose or not, Love it 2 Lose it Academy Membership goes to the core of creating a more connected relationship to yourself, healing the deeper reasons why you can't seem to get that last 20 pounds off (and keep it off), and helps you end unwanted behaviors around food.

While we all hold onto different amounts of excess weight... the behaviors that got us there are the same.

This heals at the deepest levels and improves self esteem, self worth, and self respect. Life-long-lasting weight loss and more vibrant health become the byproduct of doing this work, along with building confidence and truly loving your body.  
I'm at maintenance or almost there...will this work for me?
We have members who have already lost their weight and they stay in the program as they continue to stabilize into their "new normal" life. This phase is about two different things:

1. Continuing to regulate the nervous system so that when you have a bad day, or shit hits the fan in your life (as we all know it can and will), you don't reach for food or booze to cope.

2. To stabilize feeling good in your new body which is to say learning how to stabilize "thriving" as your new reality (versus spending all your time in "survival")

Love it 2 Lose it Academy isn't just about losing weight. It's about going on that journey for the last time SO THAT YOU CAN GET TO THE NEXT PHASE OF THRIVING!
I already work with a personal trainer or some sort of fitness/yoga community… how is this different?
Keep going! It’ll be an important part of the Love it 2 Lose it Academy that you’re moving your body, and what’s most important is that you find modalities that you can be consistent with and actually like. It will be a great compliment to what we're doing here: which is cleaning up your thoughts and how you talk to yourself, healing emotional eating (you can never out-exercise overeating or emotional eating), building a better body image, regulating your nervous system so as to resolve trauma, and learn a sane approach with food that is nourishing and non-restrictive. You won’t get that at your local gym or yoga studio, (or likely even your therapist).
How is this different than a diet? 
At Love it 2 Lose it, it's our MISSION to help you heal the real reasons you overeat in the first place while also helping you find a way of eating that works for your life... and is also physically, mentally, and emotionally satisfying AND sustainable.

In short, we're here to help you find what works for you so you can lose weight without strict rules, and also without all-or-nothing thinking and overeating. We combine gentle and flexible nutrition, the Food Freedom Formula, 1% behavior changes that are proven to work, and trauma resolution to regulate your nervous system and heal emotional eating.

It's not just about finding your healthy and happy's about healing the reasons you're not already there. I would argue this is the only way to truly sustainable weight loss. 
Do you give meal plans? 
No. Meal plans teach you how to eat the way someone else tells you. You need to learn to meet yourself where you are NOW so that you can move in the direction you want at a pace that works for your nervous system and life. This teaches you how to start trusting yourself and trusting your choices.

Eating someone else's food plan doesn't teach you how to listen to your own body's cues and honor them. We are here to teach you how to lose weight sustainably so that when you reach your happy weight, you actually like your life and the foods that got you there.

We teach gentle nutrition which gives you a template to choose the foods that work for you and the flexibility to use it or not use based on your day-to-day life. We give you skills and habits and show you how to apply them to any meal or social situation. That said, one of the bonus is our Love it 2 Lose it Academy Membership Collective called "Food O's" which is where we bring together recipes that we love that are based on the our gentle nutrition model. This is an excellent tool to help you learn more about what gentle nutrition can look like. 
I'm vegan or vegetarian or have certain food restrictions...will this work for me?
Yes! We will help you eat in a way that feels good for you by focusing on what you can eat, whether it's a personal choice or an allergy/sensitivity. The only way to create sustainable weight loss and lasting results is to find a way to make it work that you can live with that aligns with how you want to (or must) eat. Part of this work is learning what works (and realizing you don't have to totally overhaul your life to get there), and the other part is getting your head on straight so you learn how to think and talk to yourself in a way that's helpful instead of harmful. We also have a specialized sub-group called Special Dietary Needs just for you. 
I've got auto-immune issues, diabetes, going through menopause, etc...
We got you! It's soooo easy to blame the reason you're not losing weight on auto-immune, SIBO, Hashimoto's, diabetes, menopause, etc... yet we have lots of members who are going through these seasons of their life...AND THEY'RE LOSING WEIGHT. So, yes...this is likely the perfect place for you to realize that even with the extra challenges you face... you still get to lose the excuses and lose the weight.
Does this work with weight watchers, keto, other diets, etc?

Will I get my own 1-1 coach?
In Love it 2 Lose it Academy Membership, we offer group coaching. That means you can ask questions at anytime, show up to one (or all!) of the 3-6 opportunities each week for live group coaching, or fill out the Coaching Support Form to get the help you need. If you get support during the group coaching calls, it will be 1-1 focused during your time, but others are on the call.

Studies show that group weight loss programs are more effective than going it alone, and so many members share how powerful the coaching call was for them, even if they weren't the one getting coached.  
What kind of support and accountability will the coaches and the program provide?
You'll notice coaches encouraging you and answering questions daily inside our private fb group. We also have weekly Power Hours and coaching calls where you can get the support you need 3-6 days a week a various times to accommodate different schedules. You can also fill out the Coaching Support Form where we will be able to answer your questions live inside the coaching calls (where you can either be there live or catch the replay!) We also connect you with your own Accountability Partner or Pod and teach you how to get the most out of that accountability relationship! 
What if being coached live is too scary, intimidating, or uncomfortable for me? 
I totally get it. So here are a few options:
1. Listen to the replays. You'll get so much out of them and you might think of questions you have for yourself. Use the Coaching Support Form to ask your question, and we will answer it live on the calls without you having to be can just catch the replay.
2. Come to the calls, but come with your camera off. You don't ever have to have your video on, and you can totally just listen in. (you don't have to get coached to reap the rewards!)
3. Once you're acquainted with the process, you might even decide to get coached live (you can leave your camera off).

I think it's important to hear that a lot of members start out that way, but when they eased their way in and started to see just how safe and supportive the program is...they were so glad they showed up! 
What if I can't attend the live calls?
50% of our members don't attend the live calls, but instead watch the replays and love them and get what they need out of them. When they need additional support, they fill out a coaching support form, and we answer their questions live on a coaching call where they can grab the replay when they want. Most members don't listen to every single video or training because we organize them by topic so you can grab what you need when you need it. 
Will I succeed in the L2L Academy Membership if I don't do Facebook?  
Yes. While the private facebook group is great for connecting, we have plenty of members who don't engage in the private FB group, but still get what they need out of the program. We have a great private member site that houses everything you need to succeed, group coaching that you can attend as often as you'd like, accountability partner or pod, and if you have questions you can fill out the Coaching Support Form and we will help and support you there. So if facebook isn't your thing, you'll still succeed in the Love it 2 Lose it Academy.

Can I join if I live outside the US?
We have women all over the world join.  From the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and more. You sign up the same way everyone does: by clicking a "Join Now" button on this page, filling out the info, and entering your cc info. 
Are there any discounts or payment plans? 
Yes!  For this enrollment period between August 10-16, the initial joining fee is $219 instead of $299, then each month will be $59/mo.

This saves you $80 off the initial payment. AND...after your 12months, you get to keep your special monthly price for as long as you stay current with your membership!  But hurry... this is only available between August 10-16 2021.  
Can I pay with more than one credit card? 
Yes.  Once you sign up, you'll be able to change your credit card info.  If you want to put the initial payment on more than one credit card, please email and we'll get you set up there. 
Can I use my HSA or FSA?
Maybe!  It likely depends on what country you live in, your provider and/or other factors.  The best route might be getting your doctor to write a presx for the L2L Academy can find that info here
My Partner's NOT onboard with me joining...what should I do?
What if I can't join now.... When will the program be open again?
Likely January 2022.
I have questions. How do I get them answered?  
If you have questions that aren't answered on this page, email and we'll get right back to you. 
...Restoring my Health, Hormones, Weight, & Energy!
"Anyone who meets Audra will notice right away her positive, fiery energy that is impossibly infectious. Working with Audra, you will feel sexier, healthier, freer, more energetic, and most importantly, healed. She is the embodiment of her gorgeous message that elevates the feminine and pays reverence to all aspects of the body with a deep, tender love. I'm deeply blessed to count her as a mentor on my own journey to restoring my health, hormones, weight, and energy levels to where they need to be!"
Monica - St. Louis, MO

"...20 pounds down and handling stress better than ever"
 While yes my confidence is definitely boosted, I have a ton of energy, my body feels stronger, and my soul feels rejuvenated.  Today I stepped on the scale and I've lost 20 pounds.  It's been a decade since I've felt this great in my body.  I'm able to handle stress better than ever, and I no longer use the excuse that I don't have enough time to take care of me.  
This has now simply become my lifestyle.   
Linsday - Gilroy, CA
"...Couldn't be happier about the changes in my body and life"
"I knew after giving birth to my second child, this was the summer to make myself a priority. I started slow by moving my body. I carved out a slice of "me time" at the 6am hour and got busy!  One of the biggest factors in my success was changing my relationship to food.   I couldn't be happier about the changes in my body and life." 
Susan - Los Gatos, CA
"...I put a pair of jeans on from before my son was born, and they fit! "
Since starting Audra's programs I've lost 8 pounds and 4.5 inches!  Even more exciting - this morning I put on a pair of jeans I've had buried in my closet since before the birth of my first child... and they FIT! Needless to say, I'm thrilled. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! 
Beth - Los Gatos, CA
...Changing and Healing from the Inside Out
"What got me to say yes was that it goes deeper than just losing weight or getting healthy. It helps you get "healthy" on the inside too. I have always had food I said YES , because yes, I want to lose weight, but I also want to change how I see myself, and start to heal...and the Academy has been nothing short of the answers to my prayers."
Sarah - San Mateo, CA
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