Intimate Group Setting

Mastermind, collaborate and connect with like-minded women on the same journey ... who will become your family, cheerleaders, best supporters, and lifelong friends.

Live Group Coaching + Embodiment Sessions

Weekly Group Coaching and Embodiment Practices with Defined Actions to Take You from Stuck to Thriving in a Body You Love. We will focus on baby step actions everyday and keeping you going even when (especially when) you don't want to. 

Support Throughout

Get direct access to Audra and her team through 3X weekly coaching, weekly heart seats, monthly action challenges, live embodiment practices a private community where you get support and questions answered on the daily AND live mastermind sessions each month. 

Accountability Coaching

Specific weekly accountability touches, monthly 1:1 calls with your accountability mentor all designed to get you out of your own way (and keep you there), and a proven system to keep you making baby step progress....until before you know it...You're living the life you want in a body you love.

Coaching with Audra 

Group Laser Coaching with Audra to support you in removing deep conditioning and limiting experiences that cause suffering, and uncovering and healing your unique blocks and limiting beliefs while creating inner resiliency to thrive.  

Love it 2 Lose it Academy 

Join the High Touch VIP Experience designed to get you into action and 
keep you there for your entire health, healing, and weight loss journey.
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